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Jewels Maker Review

Hey there, For the 1st ever We Know Gamers review, we're going to look at an awesome new

App store game from Sera Soft called Jewels maker.

Now Jewels maker is a fun, addictive, accelerometer based game in which you tilt the Iphone to guide this bead around a level to collect coloured jewels in which you need to advance... but of course it's not as simple as that because as you get to later levels there will be certain jewels if collided with can end your game instantly, giving it a bit more of a challenge.

There are 3 difficulty levels for the game; easy,normal and hard and each one contains 5 levels that are sure to test your skills. The menu is bold and easy to use therefore making it appealing to all users and the instructions are clear and concise.

The controls are what they said they would be and work smoothly as you guide the bead around the level however the levels themselves are rather plain and could do with a lot more variety in colour and design.

The sound works well with the atmosphere surrounding the game and doesn't distract you from the gameplay.

Overall Jewels Maker is a fun, frustrating and addictive game that can appeal to all, where it lacks in level design, it makes it up in terms of gameplay as you skillfully guide the bead in which a sense of accomplishment is felt when a level is complete. Also the higher levels don't make it easy for you giving you the impression that you are constantly being challenged.

Graphics = 5/10
Gameplay = 7/10
Design = 6/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 6.7/10
For more info on this game or the developer, visit their twitter account at www.twitter.com/sera_soft

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