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My Virtual Girlfriend Review

Recently I've been given the opportunity to review a great App game called My Virtual Girlfriend which is pretty much self explanatory as you use your sly skills to win over the girl and claim her real love.

The game begins with you choosing your preferences , both for your self and your ideal girlfriend. The game then looks through its database to find you the best possible match for the choices you chose.
The up and downs to this is that from your choices, the database would pick the best possible match however wouldn't that make it to easy seeing that your match is exactly as you wanted it?

Once its done searching you are presented with 3 girls to choose from, each with their own likes and dislikes and from there the game really begins.

Your are presented with the girl you choose in fully rendered 3D with an environment to boot, this is great because it really adds to the realism of the game. Although there have been better graphics from other App games.

You also have many options to choose from too as you can take her out, take part in activities with here or inevitably if you get bored, dump her. One thing I did find awkward with the game is that when your partner talks, she actually just talks complete gibberish and maybe since there is a set script for the questions and answers they could actually have a voice for her. This would immerse you much more into the game play if you could actually understand what she say's back to you although there is a speech bubble above her showing what she is saying.

One of the things I did like is the leveling up option in which the more you impress your partner the more options that are available for you to choose from although this doesn't really add any difficulty to the game since the choices you should make are common sense but it is humorous to pick a bad choice and have the partner become furious.

Overall My Virtual Girlfriend is a fun and humorous game, while there may be some factors that take you away from the experience altogether it does what it's meant to do and entertains.

Graphics = 6/10
Gameplay = 7/10
Design = 7/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 6.9/10
For more info on this game or the developer, visit their twitter account at www.twitter.com/polygrafix


  1. wwwoooww love it but it's too expensive sorry :'(

  2. It was announced that a lite version is coming soon so you can check that out :D

  3. lite (FREE) version is out.