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We Know Gamers: Game of the week 09/10/10

Hey y'all its that time again! Now I know I missed last week's one so to make up for it this week's will be even longer, meaning more info, more videos :D

So, the game of the week this time goes to Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2!

Now, judging by some of the trailers that have been released, the game seems to be more vivid and 10x more dynamic, this is great especially if you're a fan of the anime where high action scene's are a must.

Check out this trailer to see what I'm talking about! :D

The game also this time seems to feature a special character... Lars from Tekken! That right Lars will be a special unlockable character in the game and this came about since the author of the Naruto manga Masashi Kishimoto, designed a costume for Lars to where in Tekken 6.

Check out this trailer to see how Lars fits in to the Naruto world!

While this is an awkward combination, who know's maybe it'll work out for the best...

Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is set for release;
October 15th 2010 EU
October 19th 2010 NA
October 21st 2010 JP

I recommend you check it out!

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