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Micheal Jackson: The Experience

Want to pop, lock and moonwalk like the greatest star there ever was? Here's you chance with Ubisofts new Micheal Jackson: The Experience game!

The game utilises the Wii remote, which allows you to experience the magic of the King of Pop by dancing and singing to some of his greatest hits in environments brought together by his most iconic music videos.

The game uses on screen actions to show you what moves you should perform next. There is also a music video running with dancers performing the moves as well, so you can never get lost.     
It doesnt end there however! With the multiplayer mode on the Wii you never have to go it alone as up to three more players can get in on the performance and perform Michael's greatest moves together. 

Micheal Jackson: The experience is a fun, exhilarating game that everyone can enjoy! 
I recommend you check it out!!

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