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New Recruits!

Hello everyone!!!

There are two new members of the We Know Gamers team Reynaldo Valdez(me =P) a.k.a Rheyval and Reyman and Patrick Evangelista a.k.a Zeiniex

As Liban will be showing you various new trailers and the latest information regarding videogames we will have our own aspects to contribute to this site!

I will be focusing on the fighting game scene giving some tips aswell as links to useful videos. As i mainly play Super Street Fighter 4 i will be giving you lots of information for it + tournament info. i'll try to cover all other fighting games within the scene such as Tekken 6, Blazblue Continuum Shift etc.

Zeiniex will focusing on game videos which are cool to view aswell as being useful in actual gameplay. i don't know what else he'll post up but if it isn't game related then it'll probably make you laugh

that's enough introductions we'll try and post as frequently as we can....well i don't know about Zeiniex but i'll try =P


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