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Preview: Bulletstorm Demo

As most of you know by now (but for those who don't) the Bulletstorm demo was made available this past week on the XBLA and a day later on the PSN.

Having seen a few promo videos for the game, it seemed to have been well recieved as you go from stretch to stretch, racking up points and performing the most devasting kills.

I played through the demo twice and believe me when I say it can get incredibly addictive as you explore new ways to bring the hurt to your enemies. The demo allows you to play through the Echoes mode which is basically a mode designed for you to get creative with your kills and get on that leaderboard.

Overall there's not much to say as only one level was playable, however Bulletstorm looks to be a strong contender following up to its release. The demo gave a good insight into the gameplay you can expect so I predict that more then a few will be picking this up.

Oh and before I close this preview here's a video below of my run through of the demo! Now, now I know I didnt give the best performance and chances are you can do better but this is what you can expect.

Bulletstorm is set for release on the 25th February 2011 so pre order it now!

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