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Zombies Ala Mode Review

If you have never heard of Zombies Ala Mode, click here to see the trailer.

Sometimes the best games are those with the most interesting mix ups and I'm sure you would have never guessed binding Zombies and Ice cream together. It's an awkward mix but when you do, you get Zombies Ala Mode.
You control a young zombie who's taken up the job to work at an Ice cream parlour called Zombies Ala Mode. The parlour is run by Joe who is in desperate need of an assistant after the last one lost his knees to a toddler. Your job simply is to serve the ice creams to the customers... or is it?

The Ice cream you need to serve is thrown by Joe and you need to catch it in the cone in your hand. There are several different type of cones and each can hold a certain amount of scoops. You get access to these cones as you prove yourself more and more. The game uses the Iphones accelerometer as you need to tilt it from side to side to move the Zombie across the screen and catch the falling scoops. While this is very simplistic, it works extremely well in terms of the game's mechanics and gameplay.

Catching the falling scoops in the cone.
Each customer will want a specific amount of scoops and flavours so once you have the correct amount, you must tilt the Zombie towards the customer (which is represented by a hand on either side of the screen ) and tap them to serve the Ice cream. Get the order done quick and receive a great tip, take too long and the customer will walk off. This mechanic works really well because of its simplicity and also adds a slight sense of realism to its difficulty since the customer won't wait all day for you.

Another way the gameplay adds difficulty is through random objects dropping with the scoops. These objects vary on the current place you're in which is a nice touch and can distract the young zombie from the main objective. These objects also vary in size as you go along and fall at a faster rate once you get into the later levels. You will also find yourself fending off bugs and holding Ice cream for special customers.

Indicates Career mode progress, savings and current level.

As you go further through the career mode you will find that you saved up a lot of money. You can use this money at the shop which Joe's sister runs. Here you can buy items to increase the amount in tips you get or to shield yourself from the falling objects. This is a great mechanic because it gives the player something to work for in terms of advancing in the career mode and helps the game through replay ability.

Once Career mode is completed you can play the two other modes, Survival and Bug attack. These two modes use aspects present in the main career itself. While the modes are great in terms of challenges, nothing is added to make them stand out more which makes it feel like you’re just playing the Career mode.

Graphics are bold and striking which make them really stand out during gameplay. It also gives the sense of a laid back sort of approach which is shown through Joe's dialouge during Career mode.

Zombies Ala Mode is a game that uses simplistic controls and functions which are practically polished to perfection. The game is let down with modes that don’t really add on the overall experience but stands out in its difficulty where later levels can challenge even the best of gamers.

Graphics = 7/10
Gameplay = 6/10
Design = 6/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 6.9/10

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