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Preview: Fight Night Champion Demo

I may be a little late on this but yes, a demo for the highly anticipated Fight Night Champion was released for the PSN and XBLA. The game looked pretty similar to its past title Fight Night Round 4 but after playing through it, there have been a few obvious and not so obvious change but I'll just run through a few anyway.

The game has shifted up its story its time with the inclusion  of... well... a story mode, and after seeing the trailers promoting it, I can bet my cow (if I had one)  that its one factor of the game that most fans can't wait to experience.

One obvious change to Fight Nights formula are the new punch controls. Of course this time EA decided to leave button punches from the start but its their new punch control that's changed from round 4. This time it jus take a simple flick in any direction and a punch is thrown e.g. - if you flick the analouge stick to the right, a right hook is thrown. This is a good improvement because it guarantees a much faster paced fight and there's practically no difference in speed even if you were using the buttons.

One not so obvious change is the camera. The way it follows the boxers have been changed now so insted of keeping it on a 2D kind of plane, it follows the boxers around as if its in a real fight. I guess EA must have thought that in order to create a better user experience we need to change the camera angles. I dont think that it would create a major impact but maybe that just all depends on the kind of fight you have.

Last kind of change are the speed the boxers are punching. Seriously I was uing Pacquiao in the demo and he was probably punching 2 or maybe even 3x faster then he did in round 4, and its not just him. I also noticed it when using Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson.
This change of speed of course equals quicker fights and even quicker reflexes to perform that counter but its a definite improvement from the snail movement they had in round 4.

I added my gameplay clip below from the new Fight Night Champion. Here I'm having Pacquiao and Cotto duke it out;

Fight Night Champion is scheduled for release on;
March 1st - US
March 4th - EU
I'm definitely going to be picking this one up!


  1. Agreed very good demo

  2. Yep, the demo was great! Lets just see how the full game holds up.