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TryCube 2 Review

If you've never heard of TryCube 2, click here for more info!

From the creators of the original TryCube, Dexetera brings you Trycube2, a 3D puzzle/ strategy game where you must solve puzzles in a rubix cube style format.

The gameplay is almost similar to solving a real rubix cube. The objective here is to arrange the blue cubes in such a way that they flatten to match the 2D reference pattern. You do this by using the Iphone's touch screen to swipe on the screen to rotate the cube. You can also select a certain plane of the cube and use the arrows on either side of the screen to rotate that specific selection.

Gameplay screen showing the cube and shape that must be matched at the bottom-right.

One certain mechanic that pushes the game in terms of strategy is called the "X-Cube. This enables you to see through the overall cube to help you plan your next step. This is very useful in terms of lifting some of the difficulty off the player but also gives the overall gameplay a deeper impact.

Difficulty is split in to three segments - Easy, Medium and Hard. You can pick what difficulty you would like, right at the beginning and change it any time you want. There are 32 levels overall, which is good news for you puzzle lovers out there however these levels don't add much in terms of bringing something new each time.

X-Cube mode, which allows you to see through the cube.
Graphics are sharp and basic, which is good since it doesn't take you away from the overall gameplay however they could have done something with the graphics in the later levels to show a sense of the player moving up in the game or to show off the difficulty of certain levels. 

Trycube 2 is definitely a game that has polished its straegy aspect until it shines. Where it lacks in graphics and levels, it brings an addictive and enjoyable puzzle element that will keep you playing for hours on end.

Graphics = 5/10
Gameplay = 7/10
Design = 6/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 6.6/10

For more information on Dexetera and their games visit http://dexetra.com/apps.php?id=42

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