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We Dare - Have a spicy evening !

I'm not one to judge another "adult" product.  I have no problem with the idea itself, to each his own right?  However, I do have a problem with 2 things. #1, the Wii,  # the game LOOKS like it's made for kids.  Cute bobbleheads don't sell me on the idea its a game for adults.
I just see the wii as a console for kids under 12.  Sure it's got a lot of good games on it that any age can play.  But the demographic of the console is aimed at kids.  I think it would be more appropriate for ps3 or 360.

Anyway, the video is a Must see-  It will shock you, (it did me)  It gets really intersting if you click on the links at the end of the video- the video is a mini game in itself.  Suprise and funny endings. 

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