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I luv Chocolat Review

I luv Chocolat is just one of those app games where it's gameplay has the player coming back again and again! Your objective is a simple one, to outwit the enemies and much on as many chocolate and tasty treats as possible.

The story here is really simple but works great for the overall game. Basically there is a chocolate factory filled with delicious chocolates just asking to be stolen. You guide our nameless hero into to the factory, outwit the guards and munch on as many tasty treats as possible. A really basic story but then again since the game is mostly aimed at kids, it's good to keep things basic however maybe a little more could have been added like a name of the main character or perhaps why he has such a huge appetite for chocolates?

Gameplay consists of you collecting the chocolates as they fall down the screen and each chocolate gives you a specific amount of points. At the start of the level you are given a target amount of points that you must reach or surpass in order to advance to the next stage but it’s not as simple as that as are also being timed, so the general gist of it is to avoid the bad treats as they can drop your score and time quite a bit. Also as you advance through the game, enemies will appear that will obstruct your path and make you lose even more points.
Just one of the candy land type levels, you will encounter.
Gameplay becomes more difficult as you advance through the levels giving the impression that the player is always being challenged. However enemies in levels are usually limited and can easily be avoided.

The game uses a simple slider on the bottom left corner of the screen to control to control the chocolate munching character and another button to make him jump over enemies and obstacles. This is usually done through other characters that are introduced in the level e.g. - the sheep which you can use to jump over enemies.

I luv Chocolat's graphics are of the cartoony style, mixing 3d models with simple colours and shaders. This definitely works with the overall theme of the game, giving off the look of a sweet tooth candy land. However because of this, it makes the levels look and characters look slightly plainer however with you having to keep moving from one end of the screen to the other, it may just pass you by.
I luv Chocolat's factory level.
Final Verdict
I luv Chocolat's gameplay make it one of the most addictive app games out there however that experience is shortened due to the lack amount of levels. Nevertheless it proves to be a popular undertaking that keeps you playing for hours on end.

Story = 4.6/10
Graphics = 7/10
Gameplay = 7.8/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 6.4/10

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