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Assassins Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Dissapearance DLC review

Recently Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood received a jam packed DLC which featured a lot of extras to keep the game on its track. The Da Vinci Disappearance, costing 800 MS points contains 8 new missions to complete, 2 new locations, 2 game modes, new characters and more. The new content can keep you playing for around 5 hours just to complete the single player but with new multiplayer modes to try, you can keep on rolling for hours.

Leonardo and Ezio

The single player story is a recovered memory from Desmond’s ancestor Ezio, with use of the Animus. The story starts off with Ezio visiting Leonardo to ask for assistance but it is then he was sent to go look for his assistant Salai. After finding Leonardo’s assistant, both Ezio and Salai make their way back to Leonardo’s workshop and along the way Salai explains what Leonardo has been working on. When they get to the workshop they both find out that Leonardo is missing. Fortunately Leonardo has left a clue in his workshop on how to find him, which led them to search for his missing paintings. It is now up to Ezio to rescue him by recovering the paintings and to find out where he has been taken.

Single player missions are no different from the full game but the new lairs and tombs and other places have new platforming puzzles which take place in areas like the Belriguardo Palazzo. Stalking and escort missions are of course still in the DLC but the secondary objectives to achieve full synchronisation make each mission different from the other. Additionally chase missions are particularly one of the most enjoyable moments in the DLC and the full game as it makes the player think fast for what route he or she should take in order to get closer to the target.
The clues hidden in the painting

New multiplayer modes are packed along with the DLC. With new personas to choose from, players can use these characters to jump into a lobby with the new multiplayer game modes, Assassinate and Escort. First, we talk about Assassinate; this mode is the free-for-all game mode which should’ve been added straight away along with the full game. Participants are not given any contracts to identify their targets but the radar beacon gives them a rough idea of where the nearest enemy is. If a player is close to an enemy, they can use hiding spots so that each player can watch their surroundings for unusual behaviours to pick them out of the crowd. This often tells them that it is an enemy and to take necessary actions.

Escort is the other multiplayer game mode. The objective is to protect NPC characters as they travel from checkpoint to another to earn points. One team tries to assassinate these NPCs while the other team watches over them. Both teams have to be attentive towards the NPCs and their surroundings to spot movements which identify them as targets. However going after the NPCs causes the other team to come after you right after your assassination. From this point you either run for your life or get killed by an enemy making your assassination beneficial to the opposing team.

Final Verdict
This DLC has a lot to offer, platforming to high heights, more combat moments, puzzles to solve in old ruins, an engaging short story and more. To players who are looking for more things to do from the full game, this DLC is a must download to lengthen the replay value of the game with the new multiplayer modes. Furthermore, not only the multiplayer where it’s value exists but also in the single player as it has moments of excitement for the player to experience.

DLC Rating = 7.5/10

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