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Kami Retro Review

In a world where simply getting from point A to point B can become painfully fun, you get Kami retro a platform puzzler that’s sure to push your mind and fingers to the maximum. A triumphant return to the retro days but does Kami retro re-ignite a passion for the old gamers or tread in land that has already been passed.

The goal for the player here is simple. You must guide your little green, block man across the platforms, collect the stars and safely make it to the exit. This is done simply by swiping the screen to make the player jump; you will also later have access to items such as springs to make longer jumps and fans to blow the little man from one side to the other. These items are set at random at the beginning of each level but you can place them where ever you think is best.

At the end of each level your score is given and depending on how many men you managed to get across you will receive a star rating out of three underneath each level, something very similar to Angry Birds.
Swiping the screen in order to make him jump across gaps.
Gameplay can be fun, addictive but also painfully frustrating when you fail. Each area starts of easy and becomes more difficult as you advance making player progression a simple task. The ability to set the items where you want is a great way to add some puzzle elements as you have to sometimes make perfect jumps in order to make use of them.

As the name implies, the game goes for the retro game look but updates it with the use of 3D models instead of sprites, adding more depth and bringing the backgrounds to life. You can see in the countryside levels the flowers swaying back and forth and the cows in the back bobbing from side to side.
Pixel art, re realised in 3D.
Giving the retro look an extra dimension was a good step forward however in doing so they maybe could have added more detail to the actual environment itself to truly make it stand out, however having aspects of the background animated gives a good sense of player immersion, almost to the point in which you wouldn’t notice the lack of detail.

Kami retro levels are mostly made of platforms for the player to jump on to but there are also other obstructions to add a little extra flavour to the environment. Make a bad jump and you could go drowning in the water, get bitten by the crocodiles or grabbed by the spooky hands making it truly interactive. You’re almost putting in the missing pieces for the level by assigning a place for the items something that could have made the old games something really special. Imagine if in Super Mario Bros you could have dragged and dropped bits and pieces of the over world before dashing out or if in Sonic the Hedgehog, you could have placed the platforms and loops, Kami retro preserves the retro look but improves on them to a point where they make sure that the retro feel is still there.
background animations really make the level stand out.

Placing items where you think they would be useful adds a good puzzle element to the game.
Final Verdict
Kami retro shows you exactly why the retro games were and are still popular now. A good mix of puzzles, platforming and difficulty make this game both fun, addictive and a must have for any IOS gamer.

Gameplay = 9.5/10
Graphics = 7/10
Design = 8/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 8.1/10

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