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Pixel Junk Shooter 2 Review

The sequel to the well-received Pixel Junk Shooter re uses many of the mechanics its predecessor had while adding in new ones such as the ability to use different suits and manipulating light and dark. A couple of other new features have been brought to the table as well but can Pixel Junk Shooter 2 be recognised as a full sequel rather then Pixel Junk 1.5?

The game is a continuation from the end of the last one as your tiny ship was eaten by a gigantic alien monster. You are still in control of this tiny ship, going against all odds to try get back home.
The gist of every level is to make sure that you collect the gems and save all the survivors, once this is done, the exit will open and you’ll be able to advance to the next level. Once all levels have been done, the stage will be declared cleared however it’s not as simple as it seems. The game takes a huge emphasis on puzzles for the player to solve which become more mind - boggling and difficult as you advance, requiring you to avoid enemies, obstacles and use special equipment such as the water and inverter suits to gain an advantage. You can also get a friend to jump in with you and try to complete the campaign together.
The light and dark levels of Pixel Junk Shooter 2.
You may experience some déjà vu as you go along since lot of the puzzles look a little too similar and it becomes obvious that some sort of enemy will spawn as you try to make an exit. However it’s how you approach these things that make Pixel Junk Shooter unique in its own way, rather then a re- hash of previous levels.

After advancing through all the stages you come across the boss of that area in which I have to say are some of the most exciting boss battles I’ve seen in a game. The battles really test your reflexes and ability to make quick decisions but what I found to be a big plus was the fact that everything that you encountered during the previous stages would be thrown at you during the actual battle.

The art style from the original Pixel Junk Shooter has been kept here giving the environment and enemies a unique and striking look, that is sure to please the eye. One way the graphics really stand out in the sequel is through the dark levels. By combining the mechanic to use light, it gives off a subtle yet natural look.
The Ice levels of Pixel Junk Shooter 2.
Nothing strenuous to the eyes and not much of a cartoony look either. It’s a good mix of block colours and highlights which make both the environment and enemies stand out really well.

Level design varies depending on how far in game you are. At the beginning, you are most likely treated to a simple fly through but as you advance, the levels become more difficult to fly through such as multiple enemies obstructing you or an endless amount of lava filling up the area, therefore requiring you to make a run for it.

It’s almost as if the level itself becomes a gameplay mechanic as you have to shoot a bunch of rocks obstructing water in order to cool the lava or use the magma suit to melt the ice to get to one of the survivors. The level design is very apparent and doesn’t seem to annoy or cause problems to the player.

Below is a gameplay video from the light and dark levels of Pixel Junk Shooter 2!

Final Verdict
Pixel Junk Shooter uses a lot of the features its predecessor had but brings enough new ones to not make the game seem like it’s just recycling mechanics that made the original so great. Apart from the enemies, how the player reacts to the environment is a challenge in itself making it an overall fun filled package.

Gameplay = 9/10
Graphics = 8.5/10
Design = 8/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 8.5/10

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