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Final Fantasy VI now available for the Playstation Network

Today Square Enix have announced that Final Fantasy VI  is now available for PS3 and PSP via the Playstation Network at a cool price €9.99/£7.99.

FINAL FANTASY VI has become a fan favourite since its original Japanese release in 1994. By bringing the PlayStation version to the PSN, players can once again adventure through a beautiful world using Chocobos and Zeppelins to aid their journey. Battles are brought to life by a host of loveable characters offering the player an armoury of skills, spells and numerous weapons.

Many centuries have passed since the war of the Magi. Civilisations have been rebuilt with iron, machines and technology. For years the Espers have existed only in ancient legends. Now an Esper has been discovered and the forces of magic are beginning to return. The risk of another, more devastating war is about to surface.

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