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Baseball Superstars II Pro Review

Baseball Superstars II Pro is the latest addition to Gamevil’s extremely popular Baseball Superstars series and it looks to take another swing at the ball. Featuring seven game modes in total and a bucket load of new features, does Baseball Superstars II Pro hit that home run or does it get struck out!?

As with all games in this genre you have your standard Exhibition and Tournament modes for a quick game or to go up against other teams and compete for title of champion. What sets this game apart is its wacky, super powered baseball which I’ll be mentioning a little later.

The controls are simplistic and easy to get a hang of right off the bat. In the batting position you get the choice to either bunt or swing for the ball and this is represented by two icons on the right side of the screen. For better swings you can also position the batter by using the left and right touch button on the left side of the screen.
Going to hit that ball into space!!
For pitchers you get a few choices depending on the skill of the player to either throw the ball fast, curved, changeup, a cutter and a few others. Once the choice is selected you pick the area within the box to pitch too in which then a meter appears to determine how fast the ball will be thrown.

One mode in particular that gives you quite a bit of control over a characters is My League mode Choose between a pitcher ad batter and build him up through a career spanning 7 years. You can train in your chosen field, play in games and build up your rep to become the best on your team. Doing well in matches and completing the sudden missions enable you to take part in the International League. This is held every two years and can do wonders for your career.
Hmm.. so many choices.
Season mode works pretty much the same as My League except this time instead of focusing on one person; you get to manage an entire team. There’s the regular season and post season games but you also get to train, upgrade your stadium and recruit new players and coaches.

There seems to be a huge variety of choice this time around giving the player control. The modes mentioned above are just a few available that work in conjunction with the achievements earned in other modes. It’s an ideal structure to allow freedom however at times it does seem a little too big and things could have been condensed into a more solid package.

The game makes use of a 2d art style that’s both bold and vibrant. It also works well with the game’s overall theme through the use of costume customization and the special powers. Character designs work well too, their kid friendly but can appeal to adults as well.
So much for that date...
Expressions on the characters work hand in hand with the dialogue which makes for interesting conversations between your character and the others that surround you during My Leauge mode.

The entire game is using the touch screen in which you can scroll through the choices on the home menu. I’d have to say, it does look a little squashed together and the addition of the menu at the bottom does make things look slightly confusing.

One that works better is when you are buying new items. For most of them a pop up screen will appear in which you can just pick what you want to buy with just a simple tap to make it disappear.
A menu above and below!? Cool!!
Final Verdict
Baseball Superstars II Pro brings a whole lot more then what is usually seen in a baseball game! By taking the basics they were able to craft it into something that suits the game itself but also add a sense of wacky fun through the character customisations and special powers. Baseball Superstars II Pro is definitely the best baseball game and its hit the ball right out of the park.

Gameplay = 8.1/10
Graphics = 8/10
Design = 7.3/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 7.8/10

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