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THQ announce Deepak Chopra’s Leela

Today, THQ announced Deepak Chopra’s Leela, developed by Curious Pictures is an extraordinary journey into the self that is scheduled for release November 8th on the Xbox 360 Kinect and Wii, blending ancient philosophies with the newest home-entertainment technology.

Breaking the boundaries of what has ever been created for video-game systems, Leela is not a game. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that invokes whole-body movement with meditation and breathing techniques to relax, stretch and control both body and spirit. In Sanskrit, “leela” means “play” – a concept vital to mind-body wellness.

At its foundation is the concept of the Seven Chakras, spiritual energy centers inside every human being. When these ever-spinning Chakras are aligned, the result is greater well-being, opening new avenues of possibility and personal fulfillment. Seven individual stages of Leela focus on these Chakras – each offering successively more challenging experiences. Each area uses a different section of the body, and as each section is mastered, players have a greater understanding of how to bring these energy centers into alignment. There is no traditional winning or losing in Leela, just as there really is no beginning and end – Leela moves at an individual’s pace, and its only aim is to instill an inner sense of harmony and accomplishment.

Exclusively for the Kinect, Leela also incorporates “Stillness Meditation,” an activity that – for the first time ever – utilizes Kinect technology to display a real-time graphical representation of breathing, offering gentle feedback and guidance for a number of deep-breathing exercises.

See in game screenshots below!

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