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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Review

A legend has come back again for another console release, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time is back but this time it’s coming with 3D and completely updated graphics. A lot of things have been changed for the game in terms of being easier to use plus the addition of some new features but does The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 3D live up to the title of “ greatest game of all time” or does this edition put a black mark on the series.

For this release the story is the same as it ever was but for the sake of those who have never played the game, you control a boy called Link as he embarks on a quest through time to stop the evil Ganandorf from taking over the land of Hyrule.
Is this what they call destiny?
The story in a way is split up in to two parts. The 1st half being young link discovering his destiny to be the hero of time. The other half being Link acting as the hero of time as he travels the land and rids the evil that plagues it, inevitably coming face to face with Ganandorf for a final showdown.

Although the base of the plot is similar across most Zelda games, you know the whole saving the princess and the kingdom. What makes them so good to follow are how the events unfold which makes the plot both interesting and immersive for the player. The idea of having Link grow up is a genius twist to the storyline that enables the game to bring in darker themes that are relevant to the current situation but also shows development of character for Link and the many he meets throughout his quest.

Gameplay usually takes place in the 3rd person but you can switch to 1st person when looking at something directly or for specific purposes for example the boss Gohma battle begins only when you look into her eyes. This has been enhanced from the original version by making use of the motion controls on the 3DS. Through this you can move around the 3ds in 1st person view which makes link move his head around to view more of the area he is currently in.

The biggest contribution to the gameplay would have to be the Dungeons/Temples. They are the essence that ties both it and the story together in such a way that having one of them running on its own would destroy the game’s overall balance. The layout of these places are pretty simple and in order to complete them you are required to overcome challenges or complete puzzles such as defeating a pair of Stalfos or hitting an eye switch with your arrows to open a path. Once all rooms are completed you are given the boss key and allowed to take on that Dungeon/Temples respective boss.
Now, how is this fair!?

Items are a big part of the game as throughout your heroic mission you can collect a huge variety of them however of course there are items you would need in order to advance the gameplay for example, the Hookshot to get into the Forest temple or the Eye or Truth to make it through the desert to the Spirit temple.
While this gave the player an obvious clue as to what they could do to advance it also limits the possibility of going through these temples/dungeons with more freedom which I found pretty limiting for a game with such an open world.
Bottom screen showing off the new touch screen controls for the Items, map and Link's man gear.
In this edition instead of the four windows that it usually has, this time it makes use of the bottom touch screen to quickly equip items on the go, therefore keeping up that adrenaline and pace. The touch screen also enables you to use the items as well.

The newest addition to the game is the boss battles mode in which you can pick what boss you would like to destroy once again. This is done simply by heading back to your home in Kokiri Forest and taking a nap in your bed. This enables you to both go to sleep and recover your life energy and enter Boss battle mode and relive your biggest, well… battles.

As you progress through the main game and beat a boss, it will become available for you to take it on as many times as you want. Your time is recorded and depending how much you hate that boss, the amount of times you defeat it are recorded too. It’s a nice little add on to increase the replay ability of the game. It’s a shame though that the scores can’t be posted online where you can compare it with your friends. This would have added a lot more competition to the mode and given birth to new online ideas which could have pushed the Zelda franchise to taller heights.

The visuals have been given that much needed update and they look absolutely great. The entire land of Hyrule sports a much brighter and detailed look from the water at Lake Hylia to the sun rising over the land; there is an obvious difference between the previous version and this one.
Seriously! How big is this field!??
Character models have also been updated with both Link and Child link sporting a much rounder and cleaner look. Environments have also been upgraded for greater detail such as the pillars inside of the Temple of Time to Hyrule Castle Town Market however it hasn't been given a complete overhaul as the minor details have been left out such as stairs still being completely flat which to me just kind of ruins the overall presentation.
The latest graphical achievement that the 3DS brings to this old game is of course the 3D gaming itself. Even with the slider all the way at the top, the game’s frame rate doesn’t even hiccup and runs absolutely smoothly whether your riding Epona through the vast Hyrule field or taking a swim at Lake Hylia, the game shows no signs of slowing down.

As for the 3D aspect itself, Ocarina of Time 3D looks to use this function better than any other 3DS game out there. The level of it so incredibly deep that even something as simple as choosing which item you want to use becomes really interesting to look at as the Hookshot or Deku Stick hovers just above the screen.

Final Verdict
It’s safe to say that Ocarina of time improves upon its predecessor without hurting the foundation that made this game legendary. Through small tweaks in the graphics, they were able to create a new window of view in which to take this quest once again although not everything got completely overhauled, the level of depth the 3D slider offers just makes this adventure that much more epic.

Story = 9/10
Gameplay = 10/10
Graphics = 9.5/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 9.5/10

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