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Starfox 64 3D Review

StarFox 64 3D is a 3Ds remake of the classic and very popular Nintendo 64 title “Lylat Wars”. The fans got the remake they’ve been so longing for but will Starfox 64 have them doing Barrel rolls or crashing and burning?

StarFox 64 follows the story of the elite mercenary squad Starfox as they attempt to release the Lylat system of planets from the clutches of the evil scientist Andross and his reign of terror. You play as Fox McCloud, leader of the StarFox squad and accompanying you on your journey are old-timer Peppy Hare, tech specialist Slippy Toad and your sarcastic sidekick Falco Lombardi. Together you battle through the system, one planet at a time in order to reach Andross on the last planet, Venom.

The story which comes from original game still stands the test of time. It’s still great fun to play through and although the story is short, it doesn’t seem dragged out at all. The story is set up and played through at a nice steady pace. However the end is quite abrupt. You literally shoot some enemy ships, shoot the boss and the story ends.
Oooh! Space rocks!!
The game itself remains relatively unchanged from its N64 counterpart; however that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The game plays beautifully and for fans of the original will be a trip down memory lane.

Although most of the levels are typically a side scrolling format there are a number of different mechanics, which keep the battle fresh. All range mode brings a welcome change every now and then to allow you to fly freely within an area to battle foes and bosses. Certain levels also take the fight to the ground where you drive the “Landmaster tank” instead of your trusty “Arwing ship”. The difference in the gameplay adds variety to the game, which keeps you interested to see what vehicle the next level, will bring. The branching choices in levels also keep doing multiple playthroughs interesting and fresh. Secret areas, which require special actions to be completed, also add to the dialogue from characters as well as adding new bosses for you to conquer.

They also have a number of other modes to play in as well as the story. The first of these is the score attack game type. This allows you to play through levels and attempt to destroy as many enemies as you can. This score is then put onto the leaderboard for your friends to beat. Unfortunately this is only on your own console and doesn’t use the consoles online capabilities. The last game type for you to conquer is the games multiplayer. This works through the 3DS consoles download play and allows you to battle against 3 of your friends in an intense Arwing showdown. This mode is great fun and can keep you entertained for hours. Again this unfortunately doesn’t use the consoles online capabilities, which is a shame as online multiplayer would’ve been a great addition to this already great game.

StarFox 64 3D also incorporates the use of the 3DS consoles Gyro controls. These can be used on their own or in conjunction with the joystick/D-pad. This becomes very useful, especially if you need to make a very tight turn as using both enables the Arwing to turn quicker. The use of the gyro controls definitely adds to the experience and is a great use of the consoles capabilities. The motion controls of the console make flying simpler but also more immersive. Its hard to not find yourself swaying from side to side as you steer you ship away from oncoming obstacles.

Now where was my hotel again?
StarFox 64 3D’s graphics are an improvement on the Nintendo 64 version of the game, other than the fact they can be viewed in 2D or 3D. The 3D looks sharp, as is always the case. The addition of the 3D also helps with your perception within game as it makes it easier to judge the distances between ships in front and behind you. A definite improvement on the original game.

Final Verdict
This is definitely one of the best titles the 3DS console has to offer. The game is great for not only players wanting to be reminded of the glory days of the N64 but also players who are completely new to Starfox.
Starfox 64 3D is a great addition to the 3Ds’ ever expanding catalogue and, although the addition of online Multiplayer and leaderboards would’ve made the experience better Starfox is still easily a game every 3Ds owner should play.

Story = 8.5/10
Gameplay = 9/10
Graphics = 8.5/10

Final We Know Gamers score = 8.6/10

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