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Awesomenauts - Clunk Reveal

A new Awesomenaut has has been revealed by Ronimo Games! This one is called Clunk, created as part of a robot army destined to combat an immensenly powerful super villain, Clunk was always meant to unleash his full rage in the line of duty.

Unfortunately, when the super villain suddenly died of a bacterial infection, Clunk found himself without a job.Trying to make a living in a harsh economy, Clunk was refitted to do standard house-keeping work. Finding himself at odds between his true identity as a robotic killing machine and his new line of work, Clunk repeatedly blew his aggression inhibitors while doing the dishes, or cleaning bathrooms.

Realising that a career as a housekeeper was not meant for him, Clunk joined the Awesomenauts. Now he roams the galaxy doing the only thing that comes natural to him: breaking things. Finding true serenity within the chaos of battle and comfort in the destruction of opposing armies, Clunk has finally gotten in touch with his true self.

See the Clunk Showcase trailer below!

Below are abilities that the new Awesomenaut, Clunk brings to the table!

Jet boost: Similar to white male humans, giant combat robots can't jump. To compensate, Clunk was outfitted with a powerful jet engine that lets him fly for short distances.

Self-destruct: Clunk was designed to be a suicide attacker, later fitted with armor powerful enough to survive his own explosion. Clunk now happily takes a bit of damage to blow away his enemies.

Bite: Being a giant robot requires a lot of energy. Luckily, Clunk has a powerful set of metal jaws that allow him to take a bite out of almost everything. His iron stomach takes whatever comes in, and quickly converts it to raw health.

Missile: Slow-loading but very powerful: Clunks' missiles are very useful to get rid of obstructions when he just wants to blow up in someone's face.

Some of Clunk’s available in-game items:

Medical Pump
Add health to your maximum health for each successful bite. This health is removed upon death.
Clean up with surgical precision.

Blueprints container
Reduces time you have to wait upon death.
Where does this part go?

The juggernaut “Fat Pete”
Adds a giant missile to your launch string. Hold button to use.
Property of Earth's liberation Front. Made in 2991.

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