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Mario Hits the Dance Floor in Just Dance 3

Recently, Ubisoft announced a new downloadable track for its best-seller Just Dance 3, featuring Mario, the famous Nintendo videogame hero! For the first time ever, the world’s number one dance game brand will invite the beloved plumber to show off his best dance moves. The track will be downloadable through the in-game Just Dance store on December 14th for 250 Wii Points and exclusively only on the Wii!

After distinguishing himself in kart and football, Mario will set the Just Dance floor on fire with a fun dance routine showing off some of the most iconic environments and music of the Mario games. Now fans will be able to dance along with one of their favourite characters and experience his moves first hand!

See the DLC Trailer below!


  1. looks like a woman dancing or a homo.

  2. Haha, I have to agree it does look seriously awkward!