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Preview: UFC Undisputed 3

Punching someone until they go unconscious or choking them out is just two of the ways you can stop you’re opponent in UFC Undisputed 3! Recently the gamer-verse (as I like to call it) was pleading THQ to release a demo and lucky for them, their voices were heard loud and clear.

A demo was eventually released on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network showing off just a few of the features fans would expect in the full game, so I had the opportunity to sit down with the demo and give it a run myself while knowing fully that I’ve actually not played any of the UFC titles before.

There are two control set ups to choose from, Amateur and Pro with each obviously catering to a certain skill level. I gave each style a run and to be honest I preferred Pro even though I’m a first time player of the series. For one the Pro controls just felt a lot more fluid especially when it came to applying holds or trying different maneuvers to throw your opponent. I remember their being a similar set up in Fight Night Round 4 however it works a whole lot better for this game and I seriously hope they keep it for future releases.
The ultimate stare down!
A new addition to the game is the Pride Fighting Championship, which was one of the biggest MMA organisations a while back. It’s good to have Pride there because judging from the atmosphere and overall environment, it’s very different to fighting in the standard Octagon. Entrances are done on a completely different level, even small things when they fighters are being introduced keeping it true to its Japanese beginnings by having the ring announcer do it in Japanese followed by an English voice actor.

The sound aspect of the game itself amazing! From the commentators speaking to the fighters making their entrance, the energy of the crowd and people just going crazy makes you feel as if you’re actually there creating a deep sense of immersion. It’s definitely shows that THQ worked hard in this area.

UFC Undisputed 3 looks to be a solid game and has somehow made it easy for a noob such as myself to get into it while at the same time adding enough technicality that the pro players can show their dominance. The game is scheduled to come out Feb 14th in North America and Feb 17th in Europe and if you’ve had the chance to try out the demo yourself, let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

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