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Asura's Wrath Launches Across Europe this Week and DLC News

Today, Capcom, announced that Asura’s Wrath will be available at retail across North America today, Europe on 24th February and the UK on 9th March for the Xbox 360and PlayStation 3!

A collaboration between Capcom and Japanese developer CyberConnect2, Asura’s Wrath introduces a brand new style of gameplay that redefines the action genre, fusing Asian mythology with science fiction and delivering unprecedented levels of dynamism, drama and interaction. Play as Asura and face off against numerous enemies, including planetary sized bosses. Through a mix of range attacks and visceral close quarter action players will fill Asura’s ‘Burst Gauge’ unleashing the full force of his rage and delivering devastating attacks on those who betrayed him.

See the launch trailer below!

Capcom will be supporting Asura’s Wrath post launch with an extensive DLC offering. The first two packs will offer a completely new artistic look taking their inspiration from the world of anime. These DLC packs explore what happened between episodes from the full game. What was going through Asura’s mind when he fought against his mentor Augus? Which is the right path for Yasha to follow; should he betray his friend Asura or take his side against Deus? These questions will be answered when the DLC episodes launch shortly after release.

Following this will be DLC that promises Asura’s ultimate battle where the strongest take on the angriest. The world’s greatest warriors from Street Fighter appear before Asura, challenging him to a fight and creating a DLC offering that fans won’t want to miss!

See DLC screenshots below!

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