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Chillingo Release Diggin' Dogs and Bubble Paradise on the App Store

Two of Chillingo's latest games were just released onto the App Store! Diggin' Dogs and Bubble Paradise!!

Knowing how much dogs love to dig, in Diggin' Dogs you guide your treasure hunting pups as they dig through the earth, collect bones and maybe even find some treasure! The game is all played on the touch screen making use of an easy one touch control that anyone can pick up and play.

Bubble Paradise welcomes yo to the undersea world of words. Pop the bubbles containing letters to spell out words before the screen fills up. Collect bonus letters and stars, while playing through a variety of modes.Compete against your friends online to see who the true wordsmith really is. This addicting word game is a true paradise for those who love to liven up their lexicon!

See screenshots for Diggin' Dogs below;

See screenshots for Bubble Paradise below;

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