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Chillingo Releases Little Acorns, Blockolicious and Toy Factory on the App Store

Today Chillingo announced three great new games on to the App store! Little Acorns, Blockolicious and Toy Factory!

In Little Acorns, guide Mr. Nibbles, the acorn hoarding squirrel, through a variety of zany levels in this charming platformer adventure. Featuring 60 stages, four seasons and one determined squirrel, Little Acorns’precise controls and creative art-design will capture players’ imagination for hours.

In Blockolicious you better get ready for some bright and beautiful color-matching fun! In Blockolicious you group the squares by color to make juice boxes; pop these to grab a bunch of points and post that high score. Perfect for the whole family, this puzzler will have you frantically popping juice boxes endlessly until achieving that top score!

In Toy Factory you are tasked to run both the factory floor and toy store. Personalize your production line and store, visit your friends and see how they are doing. Upgrade your factory and make the greatest toys in the world, then sell them to your loyal customers in your very own store!

See screenshots for Little Acorns below!

See screenshots for Blockolicious below!

See screenshots for Toy Factory below!

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