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Diggin' Dogs Review

Diggin’ Dogs is an iOS game by Chillingo about 3 puppies, who are on the hunt for treasure. The game has 5 chapters which consist of 12 levels per chapter. The aim of each level is to dig your way through the mud collecting coins and bones and finally getting the golden boot. All this while working your way around traps & ghostly pirates.

When you open the app you are greeted with two short movie clips (which you can chose to skip)
To make progress in this game you must be sure that the three dogs avoid all the dangers that lay before them. This could be things like ghostly pirates, wasps, bats, toadstools and many other things to watch out for.

Along the way you can pick up many powers ups which come in the form of hats. Like a magnet-hat that attracts coins through walls, a mushroom hat which transforms toadstools into collectible coins or a spray-can hat for easy pest eradication. Sometimes the dog with a specific hat must assist the other dogs to pass through a level, so you'll need to split the dogs into their own tunnels.
Those dogs sure love to dig.
All of this is controlled using swiping, tapping and tilting of your iPhone. To dig burrows you must drag your finger along the screen and swipe to make the dogs jump. To activate or deactivate objects you will need to tap on them and tilt the phone to make the dogs, coins, and other in game items slide around.

Graphics & Design
The graphics are very cartoonish and cute and draw the player in to play more of the game. In the days of 3D gaming and amazing iPhone games this takes you back to a simpler time and makes you relax just by looking at the game. The Graphics are sharp and transitions are quick and smooth. The smoothness helps the game flow and the frame rate makes the gameplay feel fluid.

Final Verdict
Chillingo are known for making games that are cute entertaining and casual and Diggin’ Dogs is no different. Currently there is no iPad native version of this game but we hope there will be one soon. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch then you will enjoy this cute entertaining game.

Gameplay =  9/10
Graphics =  8/10
Design =  9/10

Final We Know Gamers Score =  8.5/10
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Diggin' Dogs

Reviewed by TechGuyHarjit
on Feb 23 2012

Rating: 8.5/10

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