February 17, 2012

Today, Namco Bandai announced that from launch day on 30th March 2012, Naruto fans will be able to get their hands on the exclusive Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Card Edition alongside the standard retail version of the game!

For the first time in the Naruto video Game series, Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations will feature an innovative system that integrates real-world collectible cards with the video game. The cards from the booster pack will each carry a code allowing players to unlock corresponding artwork for their in-game profile card and engage in a special mini-battle to unlock a bonus skill and gain an advantage in the network battle.

This Card Edition will include: a card Starter Set, a poster with an exclusive message from Masashi Kishimoto  and the game disc with a card booster pack.

· The Starter set contains a complete ready-to-play deck of 50 cards, Instruction book, Play sheet and Poster. (The cards that come with the Starter Set do not carry the password that links to the videogame.)

· The booster pack contains 8 cards inside, from the selection of 120 cards in total, and it will be offered in both Day 1 standard edition and Card Edition of the game. Cards in the Booster PKG are fully compatible with the video game. The Booster PKG and Starter Set will also be available as stand-alone in Game and Gamestation stores and online at game.co.uk.


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