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Chillingo releases Coco Loco and TwinGo! on the App Store

Recently, Chillingo released two new IOS games on to the App store, Coco Loco and TwinGo! Which are both available to download now!

In Coco Loco, take control of a troop of fearless marshmallow heroes as you set out to rescue your friends from the candy clutches of the nasty chocolate guardians. Traverse across strange wildernesses using each Marshies' special skill and show those chocolate chumps that you're not as soft as you look

In TwinGo! The two Weather Twins, Fuyu and Natsu have lost the stars, now it's up to you to help get them back. These twins are far from identical - one is glowing ball of flame and the other is made of ice! You're going to have to utilize teamwork in this unique, gorgeous and innovative puzzle game that will surprise you right to the end.

See screenshots for Coco Loco below!

See screenshots for TwinGo!

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