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Preview: We Sing Pop

We Sing Pop is the 8th addition in the We Sing series of titles by Nordic Games and just recently, The cool guys and gals at Premier PR invited me down to the Scala in Central London to give the game a go and show off my angelic singing skills… well more like glass shattering.

We were given a thorough run down of the game’s mechanics and features by a representative from Nintendo and from there we were challenged to give the game ago and beat those high scores. The look and feel of the game is generally the same and that’s fine because why should you try to fix something that isn’t broken; however what was probably a much need tune up was the gameplay itself.
Getting the full run-down of the game.
Now it’s even more difficult to get those notes, needing almost perfect pitch and timing to get the best score possible. In previous versions, you could kind of cheat and wouldn’t even need to say the right words to get a good score but now that has been sorted out to the point that if you’re not fully focused on the lyrics, you’re going to suffer an embarrassing loss. Also for the first time, four people can sing at the same time making for some hilarious and competitive games.

Once the private play test was over it was time to hit the main stage, with all its lights and smoke to sing to our best abilities. Of course there was a few that needed a little help from the bar upstairs but nonetheless the feeling of being up on stage was a good one. This definitely plays to We Sing Pop’s biggest strength and that being its karaoke aspect and just the general adrenaline rush which makes you do things you never thought you would.
My group doing a quick sound check... I think.
We Sing Pop seems to do well with tweaking what wasn’t working and keeping what worked in the first place, however in saying this the game still looks like it doesn’t do enough to stand out from the other titles apart from revamping the track list. The addition of doing an all out four player is great and will make for some comedic rounds but the question is do we really need more tracks? Or does it need a completely different spin on the game? Be on the lookout for the full review coming soon!

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