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Sega Release Total War Battles: Shogun On To The App Store

Today Sega announced that Total War Battles: Shogun is now available for download on the App store! The latest addition from The Creative Assembly, Total War Battles: Shogun is a re-imagining of Total War, not a PC port, and is a strategy game designed specifically for mobile platforms with a multi-touch interface.

Total War Battles: Shogun puts players in the role of a hot-headed young samurai who vows to avenge the death of his father. He embarks upon on a journey of conquest across medieval Japan, through over 15 hours of thrilling and unique tactical challenges.

Players will construct bases, train armies of Samurai, Warrior Monks and stealthy Ninja, marching them into battle against their foes. Alongside 27 core missions, there are also 18 challenging side-quests which generate extra experience points. Players can use these to upgrade their buildings and units, and gain the edge in future battles.

Total War Battles: Shogun also offers simultaneous multiplayer on the same device, pitting gamers against each other in fast-paced real-time battles which rely on bold moves and swift counter-strategies. Designed specifically for touch-screen devices, the game scales its appearance to provide the best experience on every supported device, and takes full advantage of iPad 3’s high-resolution Retina display.

See a trailer for the game below!

See new screenshots below! (Clicking on an image will trigger the gallery for easier viewing).

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