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Splash Damage Announce RAD Soldiers

Brand-new British Publisher WarChest and developer Splash Damage, today announce RAD Soldiers, a turn-based multiplayer strategy title for smartphones and tablets. RAD Soldiers will be first released exclusively on iOS in June 2012!

RAD Soldiers is set in London shortly after mysterious McGuffin Rockets land, leading to a city-wide evacuation. Teams of mercenaries hired by shadowy figures now battle for control of the Rockets and reap their mysterious rewards. Building on Splash Damage’s decade of experience in creating multiplayer games enjoyed by more than 20 million fans, in RAD Soldiers you assemble a unique squad of collectible mercenaries with customizable weapons, outfits, and abilities, then take your squad into hilarious tactical combat on a turn-based battlefield, either offline against AI opponents, or online against your friends.

RAD Soldiers will be released in June 2012 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and will be free. A constant stream of updates, including new maps, soldiers, weapons, and abilities is already in development. RAD Soldiers will leverage the power of online service provider FIRETEAM to deliver an immersive cross-platform connected experience.

See the teaser trailer below!

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