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Nina's Outfits From Secret Files 3

Recently Koch Media released new info on their upcoming PC title, Secret Files 3. Apparently Nina Kalenkow would look good even in a potato sack. However, for Secret Files 3, Animation Arts tailored several different outfits for their shapely red-haired adventurer.

Nina has her first appearance in Secret Files 3 in the most meaningful dress a woman could possibly wear: a bridal gown. But she wouldn't be Nina if she had opted for a fairy princess dress. How could she possibly get herself to the church on time riding her bike with yards of tulle getting caught in the spokes, causing the bride to kiss the asphalt instead of her groom? Therefore, Nina picked a short white number that gives her freedom of movement. Hopefully not because she's planning to make a run for it when she approaches the altar…

At home, especially while still in bed, Nina likes to be comfortable, so she sleeps in a brief top and slip. How was she to know a special commando unit would burst through her door before breakfast?

As always when she has conspiracies to uncover and mysterious phenomena to examine, Nina once again sticks to her blue jeans in the third installment of the successful series, combining them with a tank top and a brown leather jacket. Following the disappearance of Max, her fiancé, her first destination is a mysterious excavation site in Turkey.

Players get to vote for their favorite outfit at www.facebook.com/secretfilesgames.

See screenshots below (Clicking on an image triggers the gallery for easier viewing).

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