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New Characters Coming To Street Fighter X Tekken This Month

It has been the cause of a lot of talk between the gamers and Capcom, however they have confirmed that the 12 DLC characters for Street Fighter X Tekken are scheduled to be available on July 31st on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! The DLC is currently going for £15.99 or 1600 Microsoft points.

The 12 DLC characters bring total roster up to 50 fighters and the new characters scheduled to drop are:
- Blanka
- Cody
- Dudley
- Elena
- Guy
- Alisa Bosconovitch
- Bryan Fury
- Christie Monteiro
- Jack-X
- Lars Alexandersson
- Lei Wulong

Those of you who buy the PlayStation Vita version of the game will receive two download codes. The first code is for the DLC characters and the other will give you free alternate costumes for the core roster. Pre order the PlayStation Vita version and you will get all the alternate costumes, including the DLC characters. What's really good here is that all the DLC can be shared with the PlayStation 3.

See artwork of the new characters below! (Clicking on an image triggers the gallery for easier viewing).

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