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Preview: Take To The Skies With Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII PC Cover - We Know Gamers

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII is a flight simulator game released by Madcatz. The idea here is that you are controlling a plane during the war in which you take on various missions and complete them. These missions vary from bombing ships to patrolling the area but what really makes this flight simulator stand out above the rest?

So it’s full on war between the Japanese and Americans and you must defend your country through missions which could require you to take it easy and keep an eye out or go head to head with the enemy aircrafts. Now from the standard flight simulator, there really isn’t much on offer in terms of this title bringing a different edge or feel to the genre however when you do get into it, things can get a little intense and that’s exactly what you would want. There are over 30 aircrafts to choose from and you can team up with a friend for Co-Op.
I always wanted to drive a plane.
Now you may be thinking, well that’s a pretty standard game and I would be inclined to agree with you if it were not for the ultra cool peripheral that Madcatz is releasing alongside the title. Their new controller is called the Pacific AV8R and it pretty much duplicates what you would find in a WWII aircraft. Using this in game brings a whole lot more realism to the gameplay experience as you struggle to keep your plane straight while using the lever to slow down or speed up. There are also additional switches for; Warspeed that allows you to move a lot quicker and Reflex which slows down time allowing for better accuracy during those critical moments.

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron may not be anything new but with the addition of the Pacific AV8R, it already has taken a bigger step forward than most games in its genre. The challenge of using and mastering the flight stick makes the overall experience all the more worthwhile.

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