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Square Enix Reveal New Online Mode For Hitman: Absolution

Hitman: Absolution - We Know Gamers

At Gamescom 2012, Square Enix revealed "Contracts", their new online mode for upcoming title Hitman: Absolution!

Contracts is a new online mode which allows gamers to create and share their own custom hit challenges within the Hitman: Absolution game. You can compete against friends at any time, regardless of whether they are online. The game will also ship with many pre-set Contracts, each designed by the very best assassins at IO Interactive.

Upon accepting and successfully completing a contract, players will be rewarded in contract dollars with the amount depending upon how well they performed. In order to create more elaborate and creative setups, the player can choose from a vast arsenal of weapons, disguises, upgrades, and techniques; all of which can be unlocked by either playing through the story mode of Hitman: Absolution or by spending those hard-earned contract dollars.

See screenshots below! (Clicking on an image triggers the gallery for easier viewing).

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