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DLC Dropping This October For Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs - October DLC Background - We Know Gamers

Feel like Square Enix's recent adventure in Hong Kong was a little short? Well good news because they recently announced that new DLC for Sleeping Dogs will be dropping this October!

The first set of DLC promises to bring extended mission packs and more devastating player upgrades. With packs being released at different points, gamers will be able to download a variety of content packs at different price points, from the free Community Gift Pack to the first story-driven game extension, to be revealed at October's New York Comic Con.

Some of the new DLC includes: 
- Street Racer Pack: More crazy races around Hong Kong
- SWAT Pack: Includes 20 new Cop missions
- Tactical Soldier Pack: A bigger emphasis on gun play with stronger weapons and armour
- Community Gift Pack - A present from the team at United Front Games
- Campaign DLC: First story driven extension to the campaign which will be revealed at October's New York Comic Con.

See the DLC trailer below!
See new screenshots below! (Clicking on an image triggers the gallery for easier viewing).

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