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Capcom And Remember Me Want To Remember You

Remember Me Logo - We Know Gamers

Recently, Capcom announced that they're offering the chance for people across the globe to have their creations and personal images incorporated into the retail version of Remember Me! The game is scheduled to be released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Already underway is the opportunity for designers and creative thinkers with an eye for future trends to design a billboard advertisement that would be placed in the world of Remember Me to form part of the vibrant backdrop of Neo-Paris. By visiting Adverts in 2084 contestants can view the advertising briefs for five fictional companies. Having selected one of these companies they will then be tasked with creating a billboard that promotes that brand to the citizens of Neo-Paris.

The second initiative, commencing on October 25th and running until November 29th, asks people to submit images of their most cherished memories along with a short description of why this moment was so important to them. Images would then be chosen at random to be incorporated into the Memory Overload sequences, a result of successful completion of one of Nilin’s signature attacks. Full details of this promotion will follow soon on the Remember Me Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RememberMeGames?fref=ts

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