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Raganarok Odyssey Comes To The PlayStation Network

Raganarok Odyssey Logo - We Know Gamers

Today, GungHo Online Entertainment America announced that it will be releasing Ragnarok Odyssey on February 20th in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for the PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Network! A demo version of the game is available today.

In the demo, players will be invited to test their might as a Sword Warrior, Assassin or Cleric as they take on three quests through the Idavoll Plains, Magma Cave and Thor’s Volcano. Ultimately their journey will culminate in a final showdown with the fearsome and brutal Orc King, which serves as a satisfying introduction to the Sundered Land in which mercenaries serve as adventurers for hire.

At its core an expansive, quest-based RPG, Ragnarok Odyssey expands upon the source material of the beloved Ragnarok Online universe and adds an action-packed twist. Using the game’s adaptable combat system, players can chain their character’s attacks both on the ground and in the air with ravaging combos and deadly blows. Scale and brute force collide in Ragnarok Odyssey – giants can literally be smashed clear across the screen and players are given the option to trade in their health points for a boost in speed and agility to tackle particularly Herculean battles.

See a new trailer below!

See new screenshots below!

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  1. The famous Ragnarok! I remember getting hooked to this when I was on my college days.