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Revolution DLC Map Pack Coming To PlayStation 3 And PC

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC - We Know Gamers

Activision recently announced that the Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution DLC Map Pack will be available for PlayStation 3 and PC fans on February 28th!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II players on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC will have access to the game’s first DLC Map Pack – Revolution – on 28th February. Revolution delivers an unparalleled amount of variety and content for all types of Call of Duty: Black Ops II players, featuring four all-new Multiplayer maps set around the globe:

Located in Pakistan, this hydro-electric plant comes complete with a lethal spillway that floods with very little warning.

Set in a skate park in Venice Beach (the birthplace of skateboarding!), quarter-pipes and curved surfaces drive players away from easy cover and into intense firefights.

A ski resort in the French Alps, this snowy map is complete with a moving gondola system that can both offer cover and crush you to death.

Located in China’s Gobi Desert, this luxury resort has been ravaged by a sandstorm.

See the trailer below!

Zombies fans get a terrifying double-dose of undead action in Revolution. First, the new map, “Die Rise,” drops players inside a maze of crumbling skyscrapers amidst a ravaged Chinese city, where all-new Wonder Weaponry will play a crucial role as they make a valiant stand against the impending zombie hoard. Additionally, Revolution’s new Zombies mode, “Turned,” flips this new fan-favourite mode around, allowing players to become the undead and play as a zombie, offering an entirely new style of bragging rights.

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