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Flipnote Studio Makes Its Way To The Nintendo 3DS

Flipnote Studio Makes Its Way to The Nintendo 3DS

Recently Nintendo held another Nintendo Direct, this time showing off a new version of Flipnote Studio software that was previously available on the DSi. The app used to create simple animations which you draw on the touch screen. Hit the jump to find out more details!

If you ever upgraded from your standard DS to a DSi, you may have seen flipnote before. Made available as a free download in the eShop, flipnote let you make very simple animations using 2 different colours, and you could then share your creations with the flipnote community. Even with the limited palette some users really manage to make something great. When I got my 3DS I'd hoped that I could have carried on using it but it was never made compatible, at least Letterbox came along to fill the gap. Letterbox is a simple messaging system where you could share drawings with the people on your 3DS friendslist and then with the advent of the WiiU and it's Miiverse, sharing drawings and messages has become a core part of the Nintendo experience and it's really caught on with Nintendo fans all over the World.

With today's announcement of Flipnote Studio 3D, I can say I'm truly looking forward to something that isn't really a game that I can play on my handheld. New improvements with the software include three dimensional depth to really make your images pop out of the screen, which can be drawn on 3 different layers, a wider colour selection, with up to 6 different colours in each frame of animation for greater image quality and variety. I can't wait to see what some of the community will do with this!

Adjust the 3D depth for images easily!
Also new to the Flipnote 3D application, you can now save your files as GIF or AVI files to easily share on social media sites. Along with this information was the announcement of 2 different online components. Flipnote Gallery: Friends is a free service for you to share flipnote animations with the people on your friendslist where your friends can comment and rate your projects. Flipnote Gallery: World is an optional  paid service, but you will be able to go beyond just your friends and show your efforts to everyone else in the World using the app, this will come with a 30 day free trial. Promotions have also been promised, consisting with events running throughout the year which will make the World option free for everyone. Also mentioned was the chance to have your monthly subscription fee wavered if your works manage to be highly rated on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately it's not all good news, as a result of the new communities being made for the 3DS version, the online portion of the DSi version of Flipnote will be closing down as of May 2013. The app will still work, you just won't be able to publish and share your projects on the current Flipnote Hatena system.

Flipnote Studios 3D will be available in the Summer from the 3DS eShop free of charge. Below is the original Nintendo Direct Flipnote announcement video.

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