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Isaac Clarke, Zeus and The Unfinished Swan confirmed for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Zeus and Isaac Clarke - We Know Gamers

As previously hinted at by SuperBot, which we mentioned in our most recent Playstation All Stars article, two new characters as well as a new stage have now been announced.

First up and tying in nicely with the recent release of Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke joins the battle royale complete with his familiar guns and signature stomp, except this time it'll be Fat Princess he'll be flattening instead of Necromorphs.

Next on the character line-up is king of the Greek Gods himself, Zeus, who will be featuring in the up and coming God of War: Ascension, making him the second playable character from the franchise alongside main man Kratos.

The downloadable stage will be inspired by The Unfinished Swan, the recent stylish black and white first person game mixed together with a stage based on PS1 classic Medievil, which means playable character Sir Dan now also has a signature stage he can call home.

The game's developers described Isaac as being "a character that relies on his arsenal of weapons and projectile attacks, but can hold his own at close range when forced into situations that require it." While Zeus "is a powerhouse, a physical behemoth," and judging by the videos, he also has his fair share of ranged lightning attacks, fitting for the king of Olympus. Release date is stated as March 19th, while prices have not yet been revealed.

Personally having just finished Dead Space 3, I welcome Isaac and look forward to seeing how he does up against the rest of the Sony cast, and Zeus being of course based on the real mythological deity sounds like an interesting choice as everybody knows who he is regardless of whether you've even heard of God of War or not.

How do you feel about these choices of characters? Are you gearing up for using these characters from recent games or are you disappointed they weren't classic PS1 characters?

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