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New Blast Of Media and Info For Tales Of Xilla

New Blast Of Media and Info For Tales Of Xilla

Namco Bandai today released a whole load of new media regarding their upcoming JRPG, Tales Of Xilla! Included with the media was background info on the two main characters we'll be journeying with called Jude and Millia.

Jude Mathis
 “Everyone teases me for being a do-gooding honors student, and maybe they're right. I just can't let things like this go.”

A young teen who has ventured away from his hometown to become a medical intern at the capital. For better or worse, he has a tendency to involve himself with other people’s problems. As a result, he gets wrapped up in an epic journey far beyond his control. Generally, he is a quiet, book-smart individual that doesn’t like physical violence. However, he possesses highly competent melee fighting capabilities that greatly help his allies in combat. He looks up to Milla for her strength and conviction. These are traits he feels he lacks, and so he travels with her to learn from her ways.

Millia Maxwell
“Fretting over it won't strengthen your resolve. Only willpower alone can do that.”

A mysterious woman who is accompanied by the Four Great Spirits of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. She is bound by her strong sense of responsibility and duty as Maxwell, the Lord of Spirits. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Though she is incredibly wise beyond her years, her lack of societal interaction has left her void of basic societal etiquette. Even the most trivial idiosyncrasies and customs of man are of great interest to her. Through her travels with Jude, she slowly gains a greater understanding of humanity and their emotions.

See a combat gameplay for Jude below!

See new screenshots, artwork and boxart below! (Clicking on an image opens the gallery for easier viewing)

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