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Pre Order Trials Evolution: Gold Edition To Get Access To The Beta

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition Logo - We Know Gamers

Ubisoft recently announced that the closed beta for Trials Evolution: Gold Edition has begun! From today to March 14th digital versions of the game that have been pre ordered before the end of the beta will give early access to the whole Trials Evolution: Gold Edition experience.

During the beta, Ubisoft and RedLynx are organizing a track creation competition using the game's incredibly powerful track editor. Winners will see their tracks featured in Track Central at the launch of the game, in addition to receiving exclusive prizes detailed hereafter.

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition features all the original game’s content newly optimized and enhanced for PC, as well as all of the tracks from the original Trials HD game, recreated using Trials Evolution: Gold Edition’s physics and graphic engine.

The game will also feature an exclusive list of Uplay achievements and reward Trials players with exclusive content as detailed below:

Action 1: Gold Digger Obtain your first gold medal in single player career
Action 2: Decorated Obtain 100 total medals in single player career
Action 3: Faultless Zero fault any hard track in single player career
Action 4: Platinum Privileges Obtain your first platinum medal in single player career

Reward 1: Trials Evolution GOLD wallpaper With this wallpaper, turn your boring desktop into a wild Trials ride!

Reward 2: Rider Gear: Top Hat Every classy Trials rider needs his or her very own top-hat (and awesome moustache!)

Reward 3: Rider Gear- Ancient Armor Forged in the depths of Mount Lynx, this armor has no magical properties whatsoever!

Reward 4: Rider Gear: Space Suit In the Space Suit, nobody can hear you scream. Actually they can but it just seems way cooler!

For more information about the competition visit: http://redlynx.com/games/trials-evolution-gold-edition

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