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20 Minutes Pre-Alpha Footage released for Planetary Annihilation

20 Minutes Pre-Alpha Footage released for Planetary Annihilation

The long awaited Planetary Annihilation that's set to shake up the rules of the typical Real Time Strategy game now has some pre-Alpha gameplay footage to get people hyped. 

The indie game from Uber Entertainment amassed over a staggering $2 million out of a $900k goal from donations on Kickstarter, so this is set to be the next indie smash-hit since Minecraft, especially worth mentioning as Minecraft's creator Notch aka Markus Persson has openly told his fans on Twitter of his excitement and support for the game.

The footage, uploaded to YouTube, shows gameplay features such as in-game replays so players can find out what happened to a decimated fleet in mere seconds, for example. 

See a trailer below!

The game, which boasts massive online multiplayer Free For Alls for up to 40 players, made so much money from Kickstarter the developers were able to give the game a full orchestral score and film a documentary about the game. Don't be late jumping on the Planetary Annihilation boat because this is the underground game everyone will be talking about soon enough.

Release is estimated for Summer 2013.

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