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Capcom Arcade Cabinet Review

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Review

Capcom Arcade Cabinet is a collection of old school titles that can be accessed all in one place. These games all come from different times and are released via packs to be download either from PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. So did these titles stand the test of time? Or should have they been left to rest in peace?

Capcom Arcade Cabinet looks to retain the original and authentic feel of the game by allowing you to play them the way it was meant to. One way this is done is through its difficulty which I personally believe that games back then were much harder to complete then what we see nowadays. So for those of us who were around then, this is just pure nostalgia for you but for those seeing it for the first time, you’re getting a lesson in gaming history. While I personally prefer the more difficult kind of titles, it may not suit those who are used to this generations kind of games and may find these a lot harder or too challenging to get into. Of course this can be amended slightly in the settings.

May not be as realistic as today's flight games but still incredibly fun to play.
One thing was done which I do believe is a good way to have newcomers become more adept at playing these titles is the inclusion of new modes that weren't available in the original, one of them being the “Casual Mode” which basically presents a more watered down version of that title, allowing you to get used to its controls and mechanics. Also available is a training mode which lets you practice by playing through previously completed stages. Although this does makes things slightly easier, you won’t be able to earn any trophies/achievements this way.

For all us veterans, Start Game is the one you’ll be choosing as it pretty much replicates the original arcade experience. These days we are used to fine tuned controls and animations whereas here, all of that is thrown out of the window and that’s not a bad thing.

The experience of these games is further enhanced with the addition of network features. Some games only let you see your rank compared to those around the world, while others such as 1943 allows you to play Co-Op online. A cool feature however I can’t expand on it due to not being able to find any matches.

As an extra, completing levels or certain segments of a game will unlock artwork in the gallery. Some of this artwork includes the specific title’s logo and original Japanese promo art.

Graphics/ Sound
Don’t expect any updated super HD visuals and why should you? The game is called “Capcom Arcade Cabinet” for a reason and so to retain that old school feel, the visuals that were used then are necessary however surprisingly, it seems to look just as good on the HD consoles.

Brings these old school titles into the current time.
This may not relate completely but I love how Capcom put together the menu where all the games are being held. The artwork while significantly updated brings these titles under a completely new light and having them all together presents things nicely.

All those crazy high pitched tones have been retained and while they may give some of us a headache, for the real gamer in us knows it’s for the best.

So there are separate packs that you can download which contain titles from a specific era. What’s cool here is that you don’t have to already own a certain pack in order to get another so technically it’s like building your own arcade machine based on the games you want.

One big yet obvious change is also the ability to change the controls. Now these titles were originally played on arcade machines hence the title “Capcom Arcade Cabinet” and so with most machines having the joystick on the left side, there was really no decent option for left-handed players. It’s a simple tweak but a big addition in terms of having the games become more flexible to players.

Stay's faithful to the hardcore while giving options for first timers.
While you can play games in their old school style, you also have the ability to adjust the resolution to fit your tastes more. As the old games were developed with the idea of displaying on an actual arcade cabinet, it's nice to see that you have the option to make it fill the whole screen.

Final Verdict
Capcom Arcade Cabinet is indeed a blast from the past delivering titles for those who were lucky enough to be around back then to become nostalgic about and to educate the current generation about the games that paved the way for some of the mega hits you see nowadays. It’ll be interesting to see the different games people will pick but most importantly it’s good to see that even after all these years, these games are just as fun to play.

Gameplay = 9/10
Graphics/ Sound = 9/10
Design = 8/10

We Know Gamers Final Score = 8.6/10

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