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Framebunker Reveals Static Sky

Framebunker Reveals Static Sky

Recently, indie developer Framebunker revealed the development of Static Sky, a cyberpunk real-time third person tactical combat game, designed exclusively for tablet devices. Static Sky is the debut game developed by Framebunker, a studio founded by Unity Technologies Co-Founder Nicholas Francis and former Unity Creative Director Charles Hinshaw.

That mission starts with Static Sky. Set in a futuristic cyberpunk universe that pays homage to the high tech and low life narratives of cyberpunk fiction, Static Sky mixes the gameplay mechanics of XCOM and Diablo, with the beautifully rendered rain swept cityscapes of Bladerunner and classic neo-noir fiction.

Static Sky places the player into the role of a remote operator of a squad of agents, employed by The Corporation. As missions commence, the players’ world is turned upside down after their employer turns on them, forcing the player to go rogue and rebuild a squad of highly-trained executioners. Whether the players choose to seek redemption or retribution, success will require a combination of tactical planning and coordinated real time action.

Static Sky will be published on tablets in early 2014.

See screenshots below!

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