April 29, 2013
Nordic Games Acquires THQ's Darksiders, Red Faction And Many More

Recently, Nordic Games announced that it was one of the successful bidders in THQ´s auction process, which ended on April 15. Nordic Games will acquire more than 150 SKUs for a purchasing price of USD 4.9 million spanned across PC, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony platforms.

The Current THQ titles now added to Nordic Games Portfolio are:
- Darksiders
- Red Faction
- MX vs ATV
- Titan Quest
- Supreme Commander
- Frontlines
- Stuntman
- Juiced
- Full Spectrum Warrior
- Destroy All Humans
- De Blob
- Baja: Edge Of Control
- Summoner
- Deadly Creatures

And lastly the new IP codenamed "Crawler" a game that was hyped to be the most impressive out of all the studios with THQ at that time. Also many people thought it was a new kind of Darksiders title however a producer at Nordic Games confirmed that Crawler had nothing to do with it - http://forum.nordicgames.at/showthread.php?178173-crawler

The full list still hasn't been announced however for a company that has only been running for two years, this is quite an impressive showing.


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