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The Best Of The Worst

The Best Of The Worst

Movies have this thing where a bad film can be so bad that it's actually quite good, take Snakes on a Plane as an example, it sounds so stupid but it's just a great film. Sure not everyone will agree with me here but shut up! Games on the other hand never have this, if a game is bad, it's normally because it's broken and glitchy or just horrible to play,but here I am about to defend some games that have been critically slammed as some of the worst offenders.

Army Of Two
Recently a third game in the AoT series came out (yes it's a series now) and once again, it's been given fairly average reviews, with complaints of bugginess and terrible story among other things (our own review coming soon) I've got a real soft spot for the first 2 as I played them with my brother a few years back. Sure the game had flaws but the fact that you could mess about with your co-op buddy really gave the game some character as I've never seen any other game where you can play a gun like a guitar, give a disapproving  punch to the back of your friend's head, or just stand around and play rock, paper, scissors.

Let's play some Bro-op
AoT is designed to be played in co-op and the strengths of the game all hinge on that one factor. Shoot outs can be cleverly won but one player taking all the bullets, making the enemy focus on him while your partner sneaks around to flank. Other scenarios call for different tactics such as the back to back sections, where the 2 players stand beside each other and enemies come at you from all angles and the game goes into a slow motion shoot out. It's set pieces like this that makes it different from your average run and gun game.

Annoying controls, awkward camera, repetitive enemies, this game features all those things but in what other game can you be blown to pieces, have your arms and legs severed and then roll around as just a head? Last time I checked... it was NONE! Later on in the game you have the ability to rip your own head off and roll through puzzles, similar to the morph ball ability in the Metroid series.

Give the guy a hand
One bad thing about being a rolling head is that the only thing that can end your game is a small monster who eats heads, and the only way to get out of the monsters stomach is a QTE which can really ruin everything. These things are simple enough to avoid and once you get the hang of it, it's really not as bad as it's made out to be. I'd like to see a sequel to this game that fixes that because I think it has a lot of promise! Just needs more puzzles where you could use one specific limb to solve problems and less running about shooting infinite spawning enemies.

Resident Evil 6
This game got panned as one of the worst Resident Evil's to ever be developed, mostly because it took more of an action game route rather than the traditional survival horror style of play, and partly due to an excessive use of QTEs. None of this makes a bad game on it's own, I just think because people expect something of RE, when it doesn't give them exactly what they want, people can get really disappointed for no reason. The thing I don't get is the game has 4 main stories in it, all with different play styles. If you want action, go with Chris' campaign, there is survival style play in Leon's campaign and the new guy Jake has similar gameplay to Nemesis, with a massive unstoppable hulk chasing you through every level. Ada probably has my favourite campaign, just because you play alone and it's more about sneaking around than trying to blow zombie brains everywhere.

The gangs all here!
As well as the massive amount of single player content, RE6 also has a pretty good multiplayer area. I've spent a lot of time with a couple friends playing the game's horde mode, where increasingly difficult waves of enemies try to eat your face off as you rack up the headshots and climb the leaderboards. With a host of dirt cheap DLC adding even more game modes, one can hardly complain at the lack of options available.

Kane & Lynch
Both K&L1 and it's sequel Dog Days have both been put down as terrible games, but there's still fun to be had here in the game's Multiplayer at least its vs/co-op game type. One team works as criminals and has to rob shops or do a bank job, while the other team controls the cops. The game really becomes interesting once you've done the heist and are trying to make your getaway. You need to wait around and hold your position for a pickup van to come collect you, but here's the twist, you can kill your fellow criminals and steal their loot to make your stash even greater. If a criminal does die, then they respawn as a cop so you run the risk of being outnumbered if you do backstab all your teammates. It's because of this functionality, the end game can become extremely tense and it just makes for a fantastic game type, it's a shame the rest of the game isn't as fun.

Double Trouble!
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days tried to do something different with it's camera aesthetics by making the game look like CCTV footage. It gave the player something unique to look at but if you wasn't the one controlling the game, it made the game look like a real mess. At least it was sort of interesting! Just to add, there's news of a film version of Kane & Lynch being in the works, if that does happen, there's more than a possible chance that another game could come out to coincide with the big screen version.

One thing with every game I've mentioned apart from Neverdead, is all the games have a co-op option. If you find that a game bores you or is so bad it's frustrating, then grab a buddy and team up, make light of all the dumb stuff that is happening! I do this a lot and sometimes just sharing the experience with someone else can make it more bearable, sometime even great. Not every game needs to be a triple A title to be fun and you can never really appreciate a great game unless you play some shitty ones to compare them too.

Got a guilty pleasure that everyone knocks on you for liking or just simply want to share any other games that you think deserve better than what they've got, let us know in the comments below! Or tweet me - @ChaosRiotZero

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