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The Defiance TV Series and Game Cross Over

The Defiance TV Series and Game Cross Over

Recently, Trion Worlds released a new video for their recently released open world shooter, Defiance! The game is available now on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

With the premier of the  Defiance TV series, players can continue that narrative in-game as these two unique epic properties combine to create one massive universe. Players can now take part in the ongoing saga of life as an Ark Hunter and, if they choose, experience the ongoing crossover episodes and missions from the TV show that will impact the world of Defiance.

For gamers new to the world of Defiance, today’s release of the gameplay narrative trailer depicts in-game life as an Ark Hunter scouring the Earth, and brings appreciation to how the current world of Defiance came to be following the Votan wars. Players can continue on their journey as one of the “gutsy and reckless” few to comb the Earth and capitalize on the collapse of the Ark Belt to collect its valuable minerals and Ark technology. Play the game, watch the show, see it all unfold.

See the Narrative trailer below!

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