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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 'Uprising' DLC Review

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 'Uprising' DLC Review

Just when you thought you had mastered the entire map selection of Black Ops 2 we're treated by the guys at Treyarch to yet another delivery of DLC. If you are already an eagerly awaiting fan and/or owner of the game's Season Pass you already know what you'll be expecting in store. Uprising includes 4 new Multiplayer maps and another single Zombie stage. Unlike the previous DLC pack there isn't another weapon added to the Multiplayer but you'll soon forget the absence of it once you get started.

Magma has an interesting map concept set in Japan after a volcanic eruption causes chaos and lava to engulf the city. It's a large map that will probably have you checking where you strafe and back peddle otherwise you'll meet an unfortunate fiery suicide. At first glance Magma might seem daunting and from the trailer, you might get the impression that the streets would dynamically flow with lava but it's nothing to worry about and the lava is stationary. We had an excellent few games on this map and it offers great choke points throughout resulting in intense objective based matches. Once you learn where to walk safely, the Magma will have you forgetting about the volcano's chaos. We would have loved to have seen something dynamic like previous maps have done before causing a greater danger.

A personal favourite of ours, Vertigo is the epitome of the saying 'No place to hide'. Set on the rooftops of a high rise with one dangerous interior lobby this map has the recipe for frantic fun. Having air offensive support in your score streak is highly recommended as the majority of Vertigo is set thousands of meters above ground level on possibly Call of Duty's most treacherous rooftops to date. The main interior has entrances everywhere that only the brave or crazy would stay in as it always seems to be the heart of the action. From our matches on this map, Capture the Flag went down as an instant hit with multiple paths, some more dangerous than the others. With loads of sharp turns and interesting short cuts our Vertigo matches were never the same twice.

Encore is a map that's set in London, UK. With a cityscape that features the London Eye and various tourist attractions this map was already intriguing. Encore is set in a fictional stadium that has an open central point which will cause mayhem for game modes such as Hardpoint. The backstage, shops and stalls around the stadium was home to our most heated 1v1 face offs due to having lots of cover and great locations for covering objections away from sight. Encore went down well with the Team Deathmatch game mode and we had been victim to well placed claymours and C4. There's always the urge to visit and hold the center of the map but in doing so prepare to take it from all angles as camping won't even save you.

Any fans from the previous Black Ops game will instantly notice that this new map Studio is a re-skinned Firing Range. Even though Studio might be the map you already know the changes to the design and decor makes it a whole different experience. Yes, the routes and layout is identical but running through the sets of the Wild West to a Sci Fi backdrop is visually appealing. We picked up the control pad thinking this map was going to be the same old fun but we found ourselves in amazement looking at the castles, shark and dinosaur props which 50% of the time, resulted in embarrassing deaths. Studio will instantly join the ranks of favourites maps as the previous design was also. Definitely worth it for the nostalgia.

The Mob of the Dead Zombie map is your traditional Zombie experience but this time with a twist. Featuring Hollywood voice actors such as Ray Liotta and Michael Madsen you find yourself surrounded by the undead on Alcatraz. With the main goal of escaping the impenetrable prison you're tasked with finding pieces and building a plane to escape.

Now with the new ability to become a ghost once being killed you'll be able to return to your body after zapping the zombies that surround you as well as pass through objects that can unlock new paths for you to venture through. This map has a few new weapons that add to the action including a flaming Tomahawk which works as a boomerang that too can collect bonus drops from a distance. New enemies are added and will haunt the claustrophobic prison too such as the tougher Warden zombie that will charge towards you and disable the power up vending machines throughout the level. Our favourite Zombie stage to date with a great sense of achievement after completion with friends.

The Uprising DLC is available now on the Xbox Marketplace for 1200msp a month before the PS3 users get the update and I recommend this for those that want to keep things different and refreshing.

Tried out the Uprising DLC? Agree with me or have a different opinion? Let us know in the comments section below! Or tweet me @SeanLabode

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